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Working Memory

July 26, 2009


By kj in my childhood, mom imparted this to me: be careful where you put your happiness. growing up i thought she was right because whenever some horrid event befell me i thought about her adage, & i moved my happiness somewhere else: a safer place. that used to be the way i thought till […]


July 23, 2009


By Felino A. Soriano Painters’ Exhalations 420 —after Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park No. 54 The eyes nod an of course answering quotidian query of distance drawing conjured invitation. Welcomed. Horizon’s arms dangling a crooked concept call toward the multilayered                     dispensation gathering a tribute to desensitized […]

Two Poems

July 21, 2009


By Howie Good STILL LIFE WITH FIREARMS It would be peaceful here if it weren’t for the crucified thieves writhing in the background. A waiter with the red face of a seraph sidles up and offers to show me to a table. I hurry away as if I had somewhere to go. Others wait at […]