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June 29, 2009


some days you wake up and those are the days you are alive. your eyes open and you take in the things around you. maybe you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself in a warm, soft bed. maybe someone you find beautiful is sleeping beside you. maybe you think you know what love is. as […]

Observations From an Evening Walk

June 9, 2009


A CIGARETTE, the butt. A napkin, yellowed. Twig. Twig. Small nest of ants. A clear plastic bag, unfinished crossword inside. Noted the word “anamnesis” A small, half ripped piece of note paper. Pink ink. Afraid to pick it up. A little village of aged sunflower stems, pale colored towers. Fresh wad of bright green gum. […]

Black Minnaloushe

May 18, 2009


Neil turned around and walked to a door farther down the hallway. He snatched a small bag that sat in a basket beside the door. He then placed one hand on the knob and an ear to the door itself. Inside he could hear the bodies moving. They were trained to respond to even the […]


May 18, 2009


Monday I WAKE UP to see that we own a whipper-snipper. I keep imagining the blade slapping across my finger as I install the plastic guard. I start going off on some eco-diatribe about how it should be unfashionable to cut grass. In an age where everything is supposed to be going “green” why are […]