Posted on July 13, 2009


2:11:22 PM  Tim-Job: Yes, but you still should have asked me if you wanted to write me into your story.
2:12:16 PM  Frank Sauce: I feel like that would have ruined the fabric of the story. It would have felt fake.
2:15:15 PM  Tim-Job: It’s a fictional story.
2:16:43 PM  Frank Sauce: So, I’m sorry. I said I was sorry. I can go back and change your name in it.
2:19:03 PM  Tim-Job: And you used Wilcox and made him a murderer. That’s even worse.
2:22:22 PM  Frank Sauce: It was a tribute.
2:24:09 PM  Tim-Job: He had lung cancer and you made him murder someone in a smokey room. How is that a tribute? You’re a fucking asshole.
2:24:58 PM  Frank Sauce: I thought it was poetic… 😦 . . . epic fail.
2:26:10 PM  Tim-Job: Don’t say epic fail. Just delete it off the site. The ending doesn’t even work, I don’t know what you were going for there.
2:27:39 PM  Frank Sauce: BRB, have to wipe.
2:28:57 PM  Tim-Job: ??
2:29:04 PM  Tim-Job: You’re talking to me on the toilet?
2:37:31 PM  Frank Sauce: Lol, no. Gross.
2:37:59 PM  Frank Sauce: I’m in the tub.
2:38:42 PM  Tim-Job: Wow.
2:40:24 PM  Frank Sauce: I’ve been in the tub for like five hours though. I’m all lined and pruned and red, it’s hilarious.
2:41:24 PM  Frank Sauce: Ok, the post is taken down.
2:42:53 PM  Tim-Job: Ok. Thanks.
2:44:06 PM  Frank Sauce: Again, I will ask you next time I put you in. Hey have you ever had a lump on your scrotum? I noticed this weird lump in the tub and I don’t know what it might be.
2:44:18 PM  Frank Sauce: NM, it’s gone away.
2:45:49 PM  Tim-Job: Okay. Also- why did you write about my romantic comedy script idea? I don’t want that to get out.
2:47:16 PM  Frank Sauce: Yeah, that idea is a gold mine. I was thinking of turning it into a short story.
2:49:12 PM  Tim-Job: See, why would you do that? That’s my idea and you’re consciously stealing it from me.
2:51:34 PM  Frank Sauce: Yours is a script idea though..this could be like the story script is based on.
2:53:32 PM  Tim-Job: But your story is based on my idea for a script. It will be totally different. You don’t even know the specifics of my story.
2:55:26 PM  Frank Sauce: It’s about a guy who falls in love with a fortune teller. How specific could it be? It’s like a Sandra Bullock film. Actually she would make a great gypsy.
2:57:01 PM  Tim-Job: The Eggs Kampf story ISN’T gone from the site.

3:00:01 PM  Frank Sauce changed his name to Tim-Job

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