Cat-Sitting: Part Two

Posted on May 25, 2009


WHEN I WAKE UP the world is new. The bus slows down as it enters the town limits and we stop just out side the Student Union building at the town University.

I used to work in this building and I still have a key that grants me access to any room within. It is past five, and I decide to go in and play with my key. I go upstairs to the offices and check my email on one of the computers. I play with somebody’s wooden snake. I write a mysterious love note and leave it on a staff member’s desk. The Worm Acid is wonderful and filled with confidence boosting chemicals.

I find a Prime Time cigarillo in the drawer of someone’s desk and I take it. I leave the building and start walking up Hawthorne street, a long hill that leads towards the apartment of the cats.

The Prime Time is extra delicious and I hold its smoke in longer than I normally would a cigarillo. I smile at a man in a turban. He looks like an exchange student and I want him to feel welcome in this country, especially amongst the druggies.

It is a warm July night and the Worm Acid makes it warmer. I am sweating by the time I reach the top of the hill. I sit on a stone stairway just outside my friend’s apartment building. I haven’t hallucinated yet, but some of the clouds above me are strange little colors.

I go inside and find the key to my friend’s apartment. It is underneath a picture of a purple owl. It is a cartoony Owl and a little thought bubble is coming out beside its head that says “Doot”.

I open the door to the apartment and scramble in. I pretend I am being chased by hit men and I pretend they are shooting at the door. I start to believe this is actually happening and I lock the door for good measure.

Sitting on the floor, leaning against the door I cross my legs. Two cats appear from different shadows in the room. One of them is white and one of them is black. They are equally beautiful and very small. The black one finds its way over to me and thrusts its head onto my knee in pleasure. The white one is more hesitant. I get onto my knees and start thumping on my chest like King-Kong.

“I am the dominant mammal,” I say as I thump. “You will obey me.” I walk on my knuckles and move towards the white cat. We stare at each other and I grunt from my nostrils. The cat begins to purr. “That’s right bitch,” I say and wink at the pussy.

Everything feels right as I get to my feet and stand up for the first time since entering the apartment. I sway from side to side as I enter the living room and find the CD player. I find an Amy Mann CD and throw it on. The music feels like bathing in a bunch of polished stones and I feel clean and right.

I make my way to the kitchen and find a note on the counter top. I read it:

Hey Frank! Thanx sooo much for doing this! I just had to get out of town or else I was going to go crazy! Food’s under the sink, feed twice a day. There’s some leftover wine in the fridge and a little present in the orange box. I’ll be home on Sunday!
Love, Sara B xooo

All the exclamation points in the letter really hit me in a literal way, and I feel a heavy rush so I sit down on a kitchen chair. I start looking around for the orange box, but I see nothing in the kitchen. My head begins to feel blurry and I start rubbing at my face. I love the feel of my nose and my lips. My nose is the tip of a precious dinosaur skeleton. My lips are two rare insect larvae, they are packets of jelly, they are trampolines for my fingertips.

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