Open-Source Karma

Posted on May 19, 2009


LANDRY: HE IS A DOCTOR, almost. On his first surgery the teacher, Dr.Ontalles tells him to make a small incision. Landry’s hands have never shaken but they shake now. When he lowers the blade he blinks and when his blink is over blood crashes against the ceiling of the operating room.

Landry hears doctors screaming and he is elbowed out of the way. In a second the patient is dead and every surface of the room is covered with little dots of blood. Landry was almost a doctor that day. His therapist tells him it was a mistake; his therapist tells him he will go on to perform many successful surgeries.

Karma takes his wife from him; karma puts him on blood pressure pills and anti-depressants. When his is thirty two he lives in a hotel above the casino. He writes for medical journals but never makes enough to cover the debt. He buys a dog named Tony, but Tony is hit by a drunken driver at two months old. Karma made the leash fray.

Life becomes a blur from then on. He wakes up one day in a hospital bed with a fist thumping on his chest. Black stuff is coming from his throat and out his mouth. Landry comes in and out of reality and finally fades into a dark, black world. Everything would have been perfect had he not blinked. Everything ends in shaking.

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