Black Minnaloushe

Posted on May 18, 2009


Neil turned around and walked to a door farther down the hallway. He snatched a small bag that sat in a basket beside the door. He then placed one hand on the knob and an ear to the door itself. Inside he could hear the bodies moving. They were trained to respond to even the slightest touch of the knob. Neil swiftly opened the door and slid into the room before any of them could escape. This room was also pitch black. Although he could see nothing, Neil could feel their eyes on him. There was desperation in those little sounds; there was real old fear.

Before any of the creatures could react to his entrance, Neil lifted a handful food-bits from the bag and scattered them into the darkness. The sound now was that of a chaos hunt. Amidst the discord, Neil seized one of the creatures and slid it underneath his (still moist) armpit. As all of the other beasts searched desperately for a nugget of food, Neil retreated from the dark room.

He only glanced at the creature once on his way back down the hall. This was a timid one, to be sure. Its eyes struggled to understand the light; its body seeming consoled by Neil’s own warmth.

He carried the animal to the balcony and both were greeted with ten million lights shining from the city below them. The apartment rested at precisely thirty stories in the sky and enjoyed an immaculate view of civilization. Neil opened the balcony door and stepped outside to greet nature.

A cold breeze kissed the still moist parts of his naked body. His buttocks involuntarily clenched. Taking a step closer to the edge of the balcony, Neil looked down at the filth of a city below. To him, it was an ungodly cluster of humanity stumbling towards some way up in life. The horns and hearts of dying vehicles filled his ears. He took a moment to trace the path of a pedestrian with his eyes, the outlines of her dress barely visible underneath the street-light.

Neil lifted the creature from beneath his arm, waking it from a dull sleep. The animal made a soft sound as if tickled by the wind. Neil responded with a loving smile and gently rubbed its chin. He then extended his arms forward. The thing between his hands seemed suspended in the starry skies. Playfully, he adjusted the animal so that it was directly in front of the moon’s position.

“Do you dance, Minnaloushe, do you dance?” Neil asked musingly and then released the creature. The animal fell into the chaos below without reaction and Neil turned back into his apartment.

“ Time to get dressed,” he said to himself and proceeded his body into a set of pyjamas.

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