Posted on May 11, 2009


I ran to him and took hom by the shoulder. “Congratulations!”
Nature of my Brother-in-Law’s Response: There were tears in his eyes!
“Wentz?” I said.
“Norm…she’s dead.”
“The baby’s was so big. There were complications…I saw it all. They tried to get me out of the room but I saw it all. He split her apart like a coconut Norm! She was gone in less than a few moments.”

Falling Action: I unsuccessfully attempted to comfort Wentzel while Magritte fetched some styrofoam-coated coffee. A doctor came over to us, attempting comfort as well, but Wentzell was too quick. Too quick indeed
“I don’t ever want to touch that thing!” he screamed. “Get rid it or I will kill it myself!” Wentzel’s face was magenta now, his eyes blue and hateful. Years earlier, Emily, my sister had confessed Wentzell had a pierced nipple. “I want to go home,” she had said. “People don’ have those kinds of hang-ups in Maine.”

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