Soundtrack for the Funeral (Pt.1)

Posted on March 3, 2009


For the time when the pyre is lit

“A body takes ten minutes to burn in a well prepared funeral pyre.” R.A Svarti (India, 1923)

I love life. I do. Let’s not get morbid about this. The thing is, I will never be a musician, so the next best thing will be a grand concert finale at  my funeral.

The first entry into this ongoing series is “You are the Blood” by Sufjan Stevens (originally by the Castanets). I’ve been listening to it over and over on the new comp album Dark Was the Night.

I needed something hauting. It is more serious than the kind of tone Arcade Fire sets, more baroque. I believe it will set a very serious tone but also bring the ceremony to a climax when mixed with the sight of the flames.

Feel free to listen, just the first 5 minutes is OK.

You are the Blood

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