Notes on the Biography

Posted on March 3, 2009


The Biography is going well. Frank is an interesting study.

Age- 27.
Hair- Brown.
Eyes- Brown.

Recently, he has started collecting commercials. He hits record on his VCR every time they come on. He finds he remembers commercials a lot more than he does old shows, he feels he can identify with their sentiments more. To him, they are like what poems are to prose.

Frank’s hasn’t worked in three days. There has been a lot of rain, the roads are closed. He made chocolate chip cookies on the weekend and ate half a dozen of them by Sunday night. He looks at his belly in the mirror every time he washes his hands after peeing. His abs are visible, but he still feels fat. He will keep saving up for a Wii Fit, I think.

Frank’s book is 33,000 words long. It is about a poet that dreams of being a Japanese Pop Star. It’s not going well. He keeps seeing his reflection in the computer monitor. He sees a freckle on his face and he wonders if you can get cancer from freckles. He keeps scratching at the smallest one on his face, day in and day out. His book lags because of his freckle fears.

End of Antecedent. ~F.

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